IT Infrastructure: Why You Need to Look Beneath the Surface

The establishment of a sound IT infrastructure seems to have been cut to the quick as the over-riding decision to satisfy the end user and reduce costs, without seeking proper guidance, rears its ugly head. While the initial result might seem satisfactory at first, questions inevitably peek above the surface, searching for answers as to why the overall productivity and efficiency of the network seems to have fallen by the wayside. more… Continue reading

10 Tips to Outsourcing IT

Smart companies invest in business technology to increase profitability, improve key operations and gain advantages over the competition. However, most soon realize that core business activities suffer when too much time is spent dealing with technology issues. For this reason, many business owners find it makes more sense to partner ...

How Accurate is Information from the Digital Oilfield?

In the new world of the digital oilfield, data must be timely, accurate and accessible. Field systems such as field data capture must integrate with back office applications seamlessly and transparently. If not, several issues can arise, affecting data validation, data quality and business versus operation demands. To fully realize the value of existing reservoirs and operational infrastructure, better operational data is required. more… Continue reading