How to Translate Technology into Business Value

Small and medium businesses face challenges with evaluating, implementing and supporting the technologies required by their growing companies. They often turn to an IT partner to address these challenges. Just like an author tells a story, so should an IT partner translate technology into business value. However, many partners try to sell a solution composed of features and presumed benefits without really understanding the needs and culture of the business prospect. Continue reading

A Method to Vendor Madness

Most businesses rely on 5-10 core technology vendors to keep business running smoothly. Any miscues in communication or coordination between vendors can result in downtime, wasted efforts and loss of productivity. This is a common occurrence among SMBs because the person managing vendors is usually juggling day-to-day operations and lacks the necessary time to proactively respond to changes and updates. Continue reading

Seven Arguments Against DIY Server & Network Monitoring

Viewed holistically, remote monitoring not only serves as an insurance policy for business operations but also creates real business value. Unfortunately, the incremental spend often causes businesses to overlook the tangible returns on investment. Or, doing it yourself seems like the cheaper option. Here are the seven most frequently overlooked areas of business value versus doing it yourself or not at all. Continue reading

Considering an Office Move? Don’t be Left “Disconnected.”

I’ve had more than one conversation with a client that started like this…“Oh, by the way, we’ll be moving our office in two to three months.” This should be music to my ears since we’re in the business of supporting our client’s technology needs. However, office relocation can easily become a painful experience. We often encounter issues with the availability and variety of data communication providers at the client’s new location. In spite of the perceived availability of high-speed data communications, it isn’t always that easy. Continue reading

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3coast Enables Disaster Preparedness for Houston Small Businesses

3coast, a Houston-based managed IT support, business technology services and IT staffing firm, published a disaster preparedness blog series to help small and medium-sized businesses better prepare for the 2009 hurricane season. Online backup, voice-over IP, email message continuity and colocation options are highlighted in a Disaster Recovery Toolkit. “Last year, ...

Disaster Recovery Toolkit: Can your Email Server Weather the Storm?

If you were unfortunate enough to experience Hurricane Ike, how did your email server fare? Not everyone can afford to keep their servers in a nice, safe data center or colocation facility. Does that mean your business is subject to your building’s physical power or Internet connection? The answer to that question is absolutely not. There are two ways small businesses can increase email uptime without breaking the bank. Continue reading